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Cupping Massage Therapy

Cupping Massage Therapy

upping therapy has been used in massage for decades. It is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that is used in Western massage therapy.

Cupping therapy is the art of using different types of cups that could be made of different materials to help create a mild suction on the body.  At CURAVITA Health Group, our Registered Massage Therapists use silicone cups.  (Cups are sterilized after each use.)

Cupping can also be used in conjunction with deep tissue massage.  While massage relaxes muscles by using direct pressure to release the tension, cupping uses negative pressure to lift the muscle fibres.  Deep tissue massage by itself is great for releasing knots and tension, but when it’s combined with cupping, the client will get even more relief as the skin, muscle and blood vessels are stretched and massaged before being relaxed back into their normal position.

Cupping helps to activate blood vessels in the muscles, increasing blood flow to a particular location.  This blood flow has a significant effect on stiffened or weakened muscles, making it a great choice for athletes.  This form of therapy has been known to be suitable for many other issues, such as increasing circulation, body aches, and aiding the respiratory system.

In the Western massage world today, the most common area treated with cupping therapy is the back, although it can also be used on the legs, knees, chest and shoulders.

Are you interested to explore the benefits of this ancient practice?

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