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Anatomical ACupuncture

ANatomical Acupuncture

CURAVITA offers a wide range of physiotherapy healthcare services. If you have an injury or illness that is limiting your mobility, movement and quality of life, our team of highly-trained physiotherapists are here to help and provide you with a care plan, uniquely tailored to meet your needs and get you back in motion.

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All About
All About
Patient-centered, holistic, personalized physiotherapy care, to help restore your function, movement and quality of life!
At CURAVITA, we provide comprehensive physiotherapy care that is unique to you and your overall well-being. We will take the time to listen to you and treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

At CURAVITA, we use anatomical acupuncture either as a single form of therapy or in combination with manual therapy, exercise and education. At your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will determine if you will benefit from anatomical acupuncture.

The number of treatments will vary. In some cases, only a few treatments may be required. For complex or longstanding conditions, one or two treatments a week for several weeks may be recommended with less frequent treatment as improvement occurs.

More about Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a therapeutic method used to encourage natural healing, reduce or relieve pain and improve the function of affected areas of the body. Unlike dry needling, where needles are inserted directly into tight muscle knots, acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles through the skin and tissues at specific points on the body.

In western medical terms, acupuncture stimulates the nervous systems and promotes the release of your body’s natural chemicals (e.g. endorphins, anti-inflammatory substances) to relieve pain, stimulate healing and promote physical and emotional health. There is no injection of any substance and the treatment itself causes minimal discomfort. When combined with knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, physiotherapists can use acupuncture effectively to treat a variety of painful disorders.

Some conditions that can benefit from acupuncture include:

• neck pain and headaches
• tendinopathies
• shoulder injuries
• osteoarthritis
• lower back pain
• neuropathy

Small amounts of bruising and soreness are normal after treatment. Acupuncture is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are immunocompromised, or taking blood thinner medication, you might be at higher risk for adverse effects.