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Many insurance companies have benefits covering all or part of the costs for chiropractic care, physiotherapy treatment, orthotics and/or registered massage therapy services (i.e. Great West Life, Sun Life, PSHCP). At CURAVITA Byward, we will provide you with receipts that may be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement. We ask however that your account is kept current while awaiting reimbursement.

Please refer to the FAQs on insurance at CURAVITA Byward below for additional insurance information on coverage regarding Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) and work-related injuries (WSIB). Insurance information for members of the RCMP, Dept. of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and the Department of National Defense (DND) is also provided below.

Please contact us if you require further information.

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) can be overwhelming in many ways from injuries to insurance coverage. It is very important to have yourself examined as soon as possible for injuries to avoid symptoms that may appear later.
  • Report your accident to your insurer – it is essential if you are submitting a claim for care.
  • Contact us to advise us of your recent MVA so we can schedule extra time with your doctor to discuss any new injuries and to arrange extra time for an examination of the injured area.
  • New Patients to our office, please advise us that this visit is a result of a MVA so we can schedule extra time for your initial examination.
  • If you have received any forms from your Insurance Company, please bring them along to your appointment.
  • We can assist you with your paperwork.
  • We will require your adjuster’s name, contact information, and claim number.

Anyone who has a valid Ontario Insurance Coverage and has been involved in a MVA is covered for $2200.00 with possible benefits to $3500.00 of care.
If you have extended health insurance, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) guidelines require that your extended health insurance is billed prior to billing to your auto insurance.
It is important that your extended health insurance claims are up to date prior to the MVA. If you have reached your maximum benefits please provide the insurer proof with a statement indicating such so the remainder of the fees can be submitted to your auto insurance company for reimbursement.
For more information to how to proceed after a MVA in Ontario, visit the FSCO website.
Prior to arriving to your scheduled appointment, please download, and complete the MVA form below for additional information for your doctor.

Members of the RMCP are eligible for chiropractic care without a prescription. Our Doctors are listed and are approved providers with Blue Cross. RCMP members have a combined maximum coverage of $4800.00 annually towards chiropractic care, massage therapy and physiotherapy. We direct bill for RCMP members to Blue Cross.

On the first visit we would require RCMP members to present their Blue Cross benefit card. We will make a copy to keep on hand and will contact Blue Cross to see the balance of coverage remaining if benefits have been used elsewhere within the current year.

Members who require massage therapy will require a referral from their Medical Doctor and this information is kept as part of the member’s records and will need to be renewed yearly.

Veteran Affairs Canada offers health care benefits under 14 Programs of Choice (POC). Chiropractic care and Massage Therapy fall under POC 12, Related Health Services. POC 11 – Provides coverage for Orthoses with a Medical Doctors referral.  Veterans will be required to present their health ID cards identifying the services and benefits they are eligible to receive. There are two groups of patients that are eligible for health care. Group A are veterans and civilians who have been granted a pension from Veteran Affairs Canada. Group B patients are veterans and civilians who are receiving an allowance under the War Veterans Allowance Act.

Veteran Affairs Canada has set the frequency limit at 20 sessions per calendar year for chiropractic care. If more care is required, your Chiropractor will contact the VAC Treatment Authorization Centre to obtain approval for any additional treatment. Your Chiropractor will also submit progress reports/assessments when necessary to VAC. DVA will pay a maximum of $50.00 per visit.  Orthotics, if eligible are covered once a year up to $500.00.

Veterans who require massage therapy will need to bring their referral from their physician to their initial appointment. Member’s benefits permit 15 one hour massages per calendar year and must be renewed yearly. DVA will pay a maximum of $95.00 for an hour massage plus HST.

Chiropractors are recognized under the Health Practitioner Benefits for outpatient services when chiropractic care is prescribed by the attending physician. Members of the Canadian Forces can access up to 9 chiropractic visits and one assessment for a total of 10 visits. Physicians can authorize patients as indicated, per condition after which physician follow-up of each case is required to ensure that care is progressing and to determine whether further care is required. Permission must be granted for additional chiropractic care in advance of any additional treatment. It is important to note that it is the onus of the CF member to get pre-authorization for care.

Massage therapy is also available to members but it must be pre-authorized for payment of a maximum 15 one hour massages up to $91.00 plus HST.

WSIB pays for chiropractic care, physiotherapy treatment and/or registered massage therapy. There are strict guidelines to receive care. WSIB pays for the first health care provider who treats your work-related injury. If the first care provider is a chiropractor, for example, then WSIB will pay for chiropractic treatments. You will be required to present to the clinic on your initial visit a Worker’s Report of Injury/Disease (Form 6) for us to initiate the WSIB claims

On some occasions, WSIB recognizes a worker may initially obtain health care from more than one health professional for different aspects of the same injury or illness. An example may be a worker is obtaining treatment from a chiropractor and a physiotherapist. You may seek chiropractic care for the same injury or illness that complements the care already being provided and would not require a referral from the original health professional, nor require authorization from WSIB. There may be occasion when the chiropractor or physiotherapist may need to consult with the other practitioner involved in the case.