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At the Ottawa Mission

In 1907, The Ottawa Mission began as a place that offered men in need a safe bed and a meal. It has since evolved into a place that offers a wide range of programs and services to address the ever-changing needs of people experiencing homelessness.

Since 2015, Chiropractor, Dr. Corriveau, has been offering regular chiropractic services at the Ottawa Mission. To date, Dr. Corriveau has donated an estimated $150,000.00 of chiropractic services to Ottawa’s most vulnerable, and helped hundreds of patients move without pain. Care was first offered by-weekly and then weekly since the opening of the Dymon Health Clinic in 2019.

Unlike regular healthcare, people without means often cannot afford chiropractic care, and oftentimes have to suffer the pain that comes with untreated conditions. Musculoskeletal issues are prevalent in this underserved segment of the population and can be a difficult obstacle to overcome without the proper care. Even mild, low back pain and other musculoskeletal issues can negatively impact people’s future in the workplace or their ability to live independently. Improving people’s musculoskeletal health not only brings them fewer aches and pains, but it puts them in a better position for attaining skills or employment.

The care and services provided at the Ottawa Mission is the same and meets the standards of care established at our CURAVITA clinics. Each patient receives a thorough assessment by Dr. Corriveau prior to receiving chiropractic care. In addition to the chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Corriveau also offers advice, personalized rehabilitation exercises and collaboration with the healthcare team at the Dymon Health Clinic.